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Expertise Abalon gestion documentaire avec SharePoint Microsoft 365

Document Management

Define an efficient, secure and reliable documentary strategy.

Set up processes to store and share documents.

Support users in this strategy.

The challenges for your business

The documents constitute the patrimony of your company.


Over the years, hundreds of thousands of files have been produced by collaborators. All these documents do not have the same sensitivity: some documents are part of the heritage and / or contain highly sensitive data (personal or secret data).  

The ability of employees to find the right documents (and the right versions) and to share them in a simple way is essential for good collective and individual effectiveness.


In a strong GDPR context, it is also a matter of correctly managing the sensitivity of documents and securing reference documents or documents containing confidential information. 

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Microsoft 365 contributions

Compared to file servers, the documentary approach with Microsoft 365 is different.  

The available services (OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, etc.) make it possible to define new scenarios perfectly suited to the context of use of documents. These services also make it possible to meet the requirements of new regulations (GDPR for example) or to be better armed against the risks of cybercrime (leaks of sensitive data, etc.). The co-authoring made possible by the tools and usages of Microsoft 365 is also revolutionizing the document approach.  

In general, access to documents is different from what the company knew with file servers, in particular thanks to the global search engine of Microsoft 365, but also thanks to the possibilities of classification which go beyond classification by folder and sub-folder that all companies have known for 30 years.

For example, in the video below, discover how to find 2 specific documents from a library containing 10,000 documents, classified according to given properties.

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover new document management approaches with Microsoft 365: understand all the possibilities and opportunities of Microsoft 365 tools to store, share, protect, secure the documentary heritage of the company.

  • Define a global document management strategy for the company: Differentiate between heritage documents and working documents. Reposition the document at the heart of the global ecosystem: Intranet / SharePoint, Teams teams, OneDrive, ...

  • Integrate security & compliance aspects: define a precise action plan to secure documents (the right people having to access the right documents), to take into account compliance needs (sensitive documents, containing personal information, etc.), limit the risk of data leaks.

  • Implement the strategy and action plan: create document spaces with you, implement security and compliance solutions, ...

  • Migrate your file servers to Microsoft 365 secure your document heritage (protection against ransomware, ...) and make sharing more efficient, by migrating your file servers to Microsoft 365 solutions (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive).

  • Support users: explain to users the new scenarios in terms of document management and train them in the solutions adopted to manage them.

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