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expertise Abalon pour la conformité RGPD avec Microsoft 365


Improve business compliance

with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Protect sensitive information against data leakage.

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The challenges for your business

The Cloud is transforming the way your business works, and you should have control over data to reap the benefits of the cloud such as using SaaS and file storage applications. Do you know where your data resides and who has access to it?  

Protecting your company's property and information is always your responsibility. Your business must ensure that applications and data in the cloud are in compliance with your IT policy and regulations.  

Internal compliance focuses on adhering to standards and best practices, incorporated into your internal policies and managed through corporate governance. It is defined by your company and focuses on the protection of your data such as intellectual property, strategic plans and business records.  

External compliance requirements concern the monitoring of regulations, standards, laws and industrial standards. For example: PCI DSS which governs how businesses must store, process and handle credit card data, and GDPR to which all businesses that process and control personal data within the EU must comply. Non-compliance would result in a fine of up to € 20 million or representing 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater.  

An audit will ensure compliance with rules, policies and laws.

However, this does not ensure  information security .  


The compliance requirements for the cloud and on-premises are the same - data stays data, no matter where it is. However, if you use SaaS applications in the cloud, you do not have full control over the data environment. This factor should be taken into account when choosing tools to manage and enforce compliance. 

conformité et risque juridique
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Microsoft 365 contributions

Microsoft 365 offers compliance and risk management solutions to help you know and protect your data, and comply with requirements and regulations.  

Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager is a feature to help you understand your organization's compliance position and take action to reduce risk. The Compliance Manager offers a predefined assessment of regulations like GDPR.  

Microsoft 365 helps identify and protect sensitive data within the organization with a combination of powerful features, including:  

  • Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) for user-based classification and automated classification of sensitive data. 

  • Microsoft 365 Data Loss Protection (DLP), which automatically identifies sensitive data using regular expressions, keywords, and policy enforcement.  

Microsoft 365 provides functionality to define retention labels and policies to easily implement records management requirements:  


  • identification of records (document or e-mail - which means that they cannot be modified or deleted),

  • the triggers for the retention period,

  • the length of the conversation,

  • the actions to be taken at the end of the retention period.


Communications compliance enables monitoring of multiple communication channels and use machine learning models to identify potential breaches:  

  • business strategies, such as acceptable use, ethical standards and company-specific strategies,

  • sensitivity or disclosure of sensitive business information, such as unauthorized communications regarding sensitive projects, such as acquisitions or mergers, confidentiality information, reorganizations or management teams. 

  • regulatory compliance requirements.

eDiscovery streamlines the process of identifying and delivering electronic information for legal purposes .  

Microsoft 365 also offers an Insider Risk Management Console, which uses signals present in Microsoft 365 services and machine learning models to monitor user behavior for any signs of insider risk.  

Microsoft Cloud App Security provides regular risk assessments and scans across all devices and across all apps 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Inventory and map all the data in your Microsoft 365 environment: specify the sensitivity of the data processed on customers, suppliers and staff.  

  • Check data compliance:  make a preliminary inventory with regard to the regulations, and thus prepare yourself for audits.  

  • Advise on governance and information protection strategy: define an action plan to achieve compliance objectives, according to your constraints and requirements.  

  • Put in place the necessary actions for compliance

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