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Expertise Abalon pour communiquer avec Microsoft 365


Reinvent communication within the company.

Imagine new scenarios with the Intranet and the Enterprise Social Network.

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The challenges for your business

Internal Communication has undergone several upheavals  with the advent of messaging, then the deployment of the Intranet.

For many companies, internal communication is essentially based on sending emails and on an intranet dedicated solely to institutional communication.

While the solutions used have not changed, the context has changed a lot over the past twenty years. ​

  • emails are less tolerated by employees,

  • companies want employees to interact,

  • the need for mobility is increasingly important,

  • the subjects multiply,

  • there are more and more videos in communication actions

  • ...

Microsoft 365 solutions bring new opportunities. New communication scenarios make it possible to reinvent the way of communicating within companies .


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Microsoft 365 contributions

Communicating in the 2020s means choosing among the various tools adapted to new usages:

  • SharePoint "modern" : forget the old versions. Today it is possible to make modern and attractive corporate intranets quickly and economically. This revolution makes it possible to democratize the intranet, which becomes accessible to the smallest companies.

  • News publication: SharePoint now includes a particularly effective news management solution that allows information to be disseminated in a simple and aesthetic way.

  • Mobility access : the intranet now becomes accessible, on any mobile, immediately.

  • Enterprise Social Network : Yammer, the enterprise social network solution, allows "à la carte" communication on different themes. News published in the intranet can be relayed in one click in the Enterprise Social Network, replacing emails. Yammer's "chat wall" is integrated into the pages of the SharePoint intranet.

  • Videos, surveys, publications  : with the Stream, Forms, Sway tools, to distribute videos, surveys or simple content pages.

  • Teams : with SharePoint, the intranet can be found within work teams, via tabs in the discussion channels. Employees, while working in their Teams teams, can thus view intranet information, which puts the intranet at the heart of everyday life.  


How can Abalon help you ?

  • Present the opportunities of Microsoft 365 for internal communications: discover the uses and scenarios of internal communication made possible with the new solutions. We detail each tool and show inspiring scenarios.

  • Define new communication scenarios  : support communication in the definition of new scenarios, in particular through the definition of an intranet (click here)   


  • Launch the Enterprise Social Network : define the strategy for the launch and the implementation of an Enterprise Social Network with Yammer (communication strategy, preparation for the launch, best practices, essential steps, etc.).

  • Train the internal communication team : help the employees of the internal communication team to understand the tools used in the communication scenario (SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, Forms, Sway, ...)

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