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expertise Abalon intranet et digital Workplace

Intranet / Digital Workplace

Set up a powerful and complete Intranet / Digital Workplace,
quickly and efficiently.

Create a central space within the company, a real gateway to tools,
data and information.

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The challenges for your business

Intranet, Digital Workplace, hub… Each company gives a different name to the digital space which generally constitutes the gateway to the entire digital ecosystem of the company.


And each company gives it a more or less ambitious objective: simple entry portal, simple business communication space, or if the ambition is stronger, a real digital workspace, etc.

Whatever the objectives and the name given to it, the Intranet is the reference space for all employees , both for business knowledge (employee life, HR information, etc.) but also, for business information and for access to the main digital spaces (EDM, tools, communities, etc.).

Even more so in the context of the deployment of Microsoft 365, the Intranet becomes an essential “hub” allowing access to various digital resources and new content. It becomes the digital backbone of the entire digital ecosystem.

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Microsoft 365 contributions

The functional richness of Microsoft 365 as well as the revolution of the SharePoint tool have completely changed the approach that we must have of an Intranet.  

The different solutions provided by SharePoint (news, etc.), by Yammer (Company Social Network ), by Stream (video distribution), have revolutionized the way of communicating within the company, with and through the Intranet.


The new tools (Teams, Forms, Power Platform,…) have created new opportunities which require an anchor point through the Intranet.

The SharePoint revolution has changed the approach to designing and building a communication site. We no longer speak of development but of configuration.


Times and costs have been considerably reduced, making it possible to democratize the access of small and large companies to the Intranet.

Example of intranet pages to discover on the site 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover and understand the new approaches to the Intranet with Microsoft 365: know the revolution undergone by SharePoint in recent years, understand the new role of the Intranet.

  • Define the overall Intranet strategy: position the Intranet  at the heart of the company's digital ecosystem. Make a prototype that will help you in your thinking and will serve as a base for your new intranet.

  • Design, implement, build your Intranet: define the architecture, build the pages, integrate the real content of the different pages, in agile mode, quickly and economically.

  • Train contributors : explain how the tool works but also and above all share best practices in terms of animation of pages and digital content in order to quickly make you self-sufficient.

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