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Business process

Digitize business processes.

Develop mobile applications for operational staff.

Automate selected processes.

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The challenges for your business

The digitization of companies is creating an ever-growing need for business applications. Studies on the subject show that companies will need as many new applications over the next five years as they did over the past forty.


Application developers are therefore essential to the digitalization of the company, but these talents are rare and it is expensive to transfer to them precisely the reality of business needs.

Also, as needs are constantly evolving, it is important to reduce the time it takes to make the applications available and how they evolve over time.

In order to increase their efficiency in creating business solutions, companies can integrate a “ Low-Code ” platform into their application development strategy.

It makes it possible to create quickly and without knowing the “traditional” development languages, applications by manipulating, organizing and visually configuring the components made available.  

processus digitalisés
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Microsoft 365 contributions

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of four tools:

  • Power Apps, to create web and mobile applications,

  • Power Automate, to automate processing,

  • Power Virtual Agents, to set up chatbots,

  • Power BI, to aggregate, model and visualize data from different sources, in the form of reports or dashboards.


These 4 tools fit perfectly into the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem: Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. They allow you to connect to a multitude of other data sources (eg SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow) thanks to a set of more than 500 connectors .

This “ Low-Code ” approach, the syntax of which is derived from Microsoft Excel formulas, allows business users to quickly become independent in the creation of their applications.

The robustness, security and flexibility of Microsoft Dataverse (the data platform for all Dynamics 365 products) support the data of these applications, making it possible to cover the most complex scenarios, with the shortest development time. .

Power platform

To discover through this conference (Return of experience based on Abalon use case, video in French), why and how the power platform is likely to allow IT departments to reinvent the way to meet the business needs of the company:

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Support your CIO in understanding, deploying, governing and administering the Power Platform according to your development axes.


  • Equip your administrators with the implementation and customization according to your organization of the "Center Of Excellence Starter Kit"

  • Set up security rules to protect your data

  • Initiate and develop this “Low-Code” culture for “ Citizen developers ” by placing them at the center of a process of empowerment and accountability

  • Identify and govern critical applications for your business

  • Set up a center of expertise and hyper-rapid development of applications for your businesses

  • Design and build your business applications with the tools of the Power Platform


  • Coach your users to make them autonomous in the creation of simple Power Platform applications

  • Set up "professional" development best practices on the Power Platform: Life cycle management, DevOps automation, etc.

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