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Expertise Abalon Stratégie Microsoft 365

Deployment strategy

Define an internal digital transformation and deployment strategy for Microsoft 365.

Define a precise action plan and achievable steps.

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The challenges for your business

The adoption of Microsoft 365 and the deployment of these new uses in the company is not only an IT project: it is mainly a process of transformation of the company, which concerns uses, processes, habits, relationships between teams, etc.

It is essential that the company 's Management Committee has a precise vision of the opportunities offered by these new solutions at all levels of the company: collaboration, sharing, digitalization of processes, security, compliance, communication, etc.

From this awareness of the opportunities, a global strategy for deploying the solution must emerge, which will involve the major departments to support employees and managers in this transformation: information systems, human resources, communication and operational departments. .

An action plan can be defined on the basis of this strategy, which will precisely respond to the ambitions set.

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Microsoft 365 contributions

The Microsoft 365 solution contributes to meeting the strategic objectives defined by the organization:

  • Improve collective and individual efficiency : change the work scenarios of employees to increase efficiency. Go from a 100% email collaboration to a collaboration based mainly on Teams. Use solutions like ToDo, Planner for more efficiency, etc.

  • Make the company more cross-functional : ensure that cross-functionality is concrete, for example with Teams teams for projects integrating actors from several departments.

  • Make the company more agile : shorten reaction times by providing more efficient means of managing priorities than email, with Teams for example.

  • Improve communication within the company : rethink the communication strategy which is generally based on email, for an "à la carte" strategy with Company Social Network communities and digital spaces with SharePoint.

  • Enable operational staff to be more efficient in the field : quickly and economically create mobile applications on smartphones and tablets with Microsoft's Power Platform.

  • Encourage innovation and mutual aid within the company : give employees the opportunity to share ideas and advice among themselves to innovate and improve processes, in particular with Yammer communities.

  • Improve compliance and protect against data breaches: Provide solutions to help improve GDPR compliance and to protect important data from accidental or intentional data breaches.

  • Protect the business against cybercrime  : offer powerful protections against attacks from cybercriminals (software, etc.). 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover and understand how Microsoft 365 can meet strategic business goals: intervene in the management committee to present how and how Microsoft 365 meets these objectives.

  • Define a global strategy of deployment / internal digital transformation: develop, according to your objectives and your ambition, a global and realistic strategy. Identify the main actors and their roles.

  • Define the action plan and roll it out 

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