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The challenges for your business

While the level of demand from customers continues to grow and purchasing habits evolve, the emphasis is now placed on loyalty through the personalization of customer journeys. Customer knowledge has become the key to increasing its competitiveness.  


The centralization of data is one of the strategic challenges for companies in order to gain in productivity and efficiency. The objective of the enterprise software package is to concentrate in a single information system the data of the activities of a company: from financial management to sales, including customer service and marketing.  

The implementation of a business software package is not only the deployment of an IT project but also a project of digital transformation and automation of the business processes of your organization. 

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Microsoft 365 contributions

Dynamics 365 is not only the combination of a CRM and an ERP but also a modular portfolio business applications that adapt to all sizes of business.  

It is Microsoft's 100% Cloud solution that centralizes all your business data and makes it accessible in real time for your front and back office employees.   

The different Dynamics 365 solutions help meet the needs of your business for:  

  • Accelerate its growth,

  • Turn your prospects into customers,

  • Personalize customer journeys,

  • Speed up problem solving,  

  • Anticipate incidents,

  • Involve each employee,  

  • Centralize, control and make your business data more reliable,

  • Automate redundant tasks,

  • Enable operational staff to be more efficient in the field,

  • Increase visibility and predictability through artificial intelligence.

The integration of Dynamics 365 into the Microsoft 365 environment makes it possible to improve individual and collective productivity, in particular through the integration of Teams (instant conversation, etc.). 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover the different business applications:  advise the solution best suited to your needs  

  • Redefine your business processes: automate and digitize them  

  • Set up the company software package: lead workshops to collect the needs, configure, test and deploy the solution in your organization

  • Support users: promote the appropriation of new business processes and the handling of the application  

  • Develop dashboards: analyze your business data 

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