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consultants Abalon

Abalon consultants

Competence, passion, expertise,

know-how and interpersonal skills,

this is what defines us

Nathalie Guimonet Abalon

​At Abalon we seek both expertise and passion .


Expertise is essential: it's what allows us to be efficient and effective in our responses and it's what our customers expect from us in the first place. But it is the passion that allows us to explore new territories, to surpass ourselves and to be happy every day in what we do.

​We work on technical subjects, but our experience shows us every day that these are above all very human subjects. For this reason, interpersonal skills are as important as technical competence: we are convinced that today, one cannot go without the other.

This know-how is inseparable from benevolence  which is reflected in part by what was once called the "sense of service". But in my mind, it is much stronger: I would rather speak of the pleasure of being of helpful, in other words the real satisfaction of seeing that we have helped people in their work, by simplifying their daily lives often quickly. And with Microsoft 365, we really have that power.

Expertise, passioninterpersonal skillsbenevolence: I think that's what sums up  the profile of the Abalonians.


Nathalie Guimonet, Director Abalon



The most suitable profiles for your projects

Each project is different and each project requires different expertise  in terms of tools but also a different seniority depending on the more or less delicate, sensitive or complex subjects.  

For this reason, we mobilize the right profiles at the right times, on the right topics. Each brings a specific vision and experience that enrich the team's expertise.

Abalon's strength  is that all Abalonians can count on the expertise of colleagues on all Microsoft 365 topics. This is a decisive advantage for each consultant and for their clients.

Travail en équipe

Become Abalonian

Mac Souris

Becoming Abalonian means above all joining a community of enthusiasts and experts in Microsoft technologies who share the same values of interpersonal skills and benevolence.

It is also the opportunity for everyone to develop according to their desires and needs, at their own pace, because we only do well what we like to do.


Finally, it is a unique opportunity to develop through the community activity set up by Abalon. 

We are always listening to the experts who " sparkle " when it comes to Microsoft 365 technologies and their applications at the service of companies.  

If you recognize yourself in our values  and if you are passionate about Microsoft technologies in general and Microsoft 365 in particular, and you wish to contribute your stone to one of our areas of expertise , do not hesitate to contact us.  ​

Nothing could be simpler: click on the button below, and let's meet to talk about it!

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