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expertise Abalon pour déployer la collaboration


Reinvent collaboration within the company.

Develop new usages and new scenarios. 

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The challenges for your business

The  collaboration is more and more necessary for the survival of businesses .

It becomes more and more complex : because the projects are more demanding, because there are more and more stakeholders (internal and external), because there are new regulations, etc.

Companies are subject to increasing responsiveness constraints that require a different approach to collaboration . Today's subjects cannot be properly dealt with tools designed over thirty years ago.

Messaging  has become a problematic bottleneck in many companies. Faced with hundreds of emails covering all possible subjects (internal communication, projects, organization, etc.), employees are overwhelmed by the flow of messages.

For this reason, nurturing collaboration within the company is a strategic issue  and a priority for all businesses, large or small.


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Microsoft 365 contributions

Everyone has their own definition of what is called "collaboration":

It could just be meetings :

  • Teams is the central solution for online meetings,

  • Solutions like Whiteboard make it possible to share diagrams in meetings,

  • ...

This can be online collaboration , within the framework of projects, or in team life:

  • Teams in Teams, again, are the main tool for collaboration: they allow you to centralize exchanges in a much more efficient way than with email (see this video ),

  • Planner is also a powerful collaboration solution that allows teams to collaborate on shared tasks,

  • ...

It could be mutual aid or information :

  • Yammer is a good platform for mutual aid or communication communities,

  • Stream can also be considered as a collaborative solution (sharing and reactions around company videos, ...),

  • ...

Example of dialogue in a Teams conversation, instead of email exchanges

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover the challenges of collaboration: Present all aspects of collaboration and Microsoft 365 responses to cover each of these aspects

  • Perform a collaborative audit: carry out with you a collaborative audit of the entire company, to identify the obstacles to collaboration and the impacts on the operational. According to the findings, propose improvements for collaboration within the company

  • Propose an action plan to improve the quality of collaboration: Improve the quality of collaboration within your company. Recommend new usages through tools like Teams, Planner, ..., new scenarios and new postures to promote.

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