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expertise Abalon administration de la console Microsoft 365


Master the administration console. Train IT teams.

Implement the chosen governance.

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The challenges for your business

When the company adopts Microsoft 365, a large part of the documentary assets switches to the tools of the solution, but also exchanges, collaboration, videos, communications, etc.

Beyond content, we must also take into account user management, security and compliance strategies, consider the internal governance rules, etc.

Active Directory, SharePointTeams , OneDrive must be managed,  , integrated applications as well, and also partner relationships with other organizations, etc.

All of this should be configured, administered and managed. You need IT administrators with full power over Microsoft 365 or some of its parts. The IT team takes this responsibility.

This team must therefore be properly trained to know and understand all the workings of the Microsoft 365 administration console.

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Microsoft 365 contributions

Within the Microsoft 365 administration console, several modules are offered to manage all aspects of the solution. Each module offers rich functionalities in order to configure the behavior of Microsoft 365 for the needs of the company.

It is through the administration console that the IT team can manage, for example:

  • the users and the associated licenses,

  • user groups, and roles (administrator, etc.),

  • resources (meeting rooms, equipment, etc.),

  • billing and license monitoring,

  • support with Microsoft,

  • the general parameters of your Microsoft 365 environment (domains, personalization, partnership relations, etc.),

  • usage reports,

  • service integrity states,

  • overall security,

  • compliance,

  • Active Directory (Azure AD),

  • messaging (Exchange),

  • SharePoint (sites, hubs, etc.),

  • Teams (all usage strategy, rules, etc.),

  • OneDrive,

  • Power Platform tools,

  • ...

Knowledge and practice of the console is essential within your team to allow full control of the platform and the implementation of your governance.


How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover the console  : present to your team all the richness and peculiarities of the console to master its operation.

  • Make the settings  : assist the IT team to meet your needs.

  • Train the IT team : support your IT team to become subject matter experts  

  • Provide occasional assistance  : intervene on an ad hoc basis for delicate settings.

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