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Protect the business against cyberattacks.

Define the best protection strategies and implement them.

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The challenges for your business

The Cloud has many advantages, especially in terms of productivity, cost and scalability. However, the cloud also presents security risks.  

The Cloud involves both legal, technical and operational risks due to the loss of control over your own data processing. It also introduces new risks, whether for the sharing of responsibilities, the localization of data or the pooling. The question of the security of the means of authentication becomes much more crucial when your company's data is accessible from any workstation connected to the Internet.  

Shadow IT is increasing proportionally with the rise of the Cloud and in particular with applications in SaaS mode.  


Data breaches - a term for any accident or cyberattack that results in the exposure, theft or use of sensitive or confidential data by an unauthorized individual - can damage your company's reputation, and undermine trust that your customers and your partners carry you. In addition, they can lead to the loss of intellectual property or their exposure to your competitors.  

Security in the cloud is necessarily a partnership between the service provider and your company, which remains responsible for configuring and protecting cloud services. 

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The implementation of a security strategy is one of the biggest challenges related to the migration of an infrastructure to the public cloud. This is because traditional on-premise infrastructure security methods are not suited to the cloud.  

While cyberattacks from the outside are a real danger, it is often inside your organization that the greatest threat lies.  

If the credentials allowing access to your Cloud are not sufficiently secure and controlled, it is quite possible that hackers will seize them and manage to connect to it. In this scenario, cybercriminals will be able to access data stored in the cloud pretending to be legitimate users. Hackers will also be able to modify Cloud settings as they wish and / or distribute malware via the cloud.  

The implementation of reliable and secure authorization management systems is essential for SaaS services, in order to guarantee the tightness of the data managed and to avoid internal malicious acts.  

It is also necessary to consider traceability mechanisms, both at the level of the operations carried out on the data and at the level of the location of this data. Indeed, if they are correctly implemented, these mechanisms make it possible to provide guarantees as to the operations carried out on the data, and thus to detect and prevent potential non-legitimate operations. Be sure to limit privileged access to the systems to a strict minimum of employees and also organize regular audits.  

IT teams and employees need to be trained in the various security risks such as phishing and the protection of company data that they store on their work and personal devices such as computers and smartphones. Also be made aware of the repercussions that any attempt at malicious activity would have, in order to dissuade them. 

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Microsoft 365 contributions

The Microsoft 365 suite combines productivity and security. 

Collaborative licensing plans natively integrate increasing security features.  

  • Azure Active Directory is a complete identity and access management solution to verify and secure each identity with strong authentication within your environment.  


  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a unified management platform for securing, deploying, and managing all devices and applications.  

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security detects shadow computing, ensures that applications have the correct permissions, regulates access based on real-time scans, and monitors and controls user actions.  

  • Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Information Governance make it possible to move from perimeter-focused protection to data-driven protection. By using intelligence to classify and label data, one can encrypt and restrict access according to organizational policies.  

  • Microsoft 365 Defender is an additional unified, pre- and post-breach defense suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to deliver integrated protection against sophisticated attacks. 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Organize, manage and promote the IT security of the Microsoft 365 environment: make the right choices and coherently articulate all the Cloud components.  

  • Analyze, in the context of use, the configuration and architecture of Microsoft 365:  identify possible vulnerabilities allowing an attacker to break into the environment, or a malicious employee to illegitimately gain access to critical resources.  

  • Evaluate the compliance of the Microsoft 365 environment configuration with security requirements: Review the organizational procedures revolving around the management of this environment.  

  • Build a detailed and prioritized action plan with your teams:  frame remedial actions according to specific constraints.  

  • Implement or harden Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions


  • Raise awareness and introduce employees to cybersecurity. 

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