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Expertise Abalon pour le déploiement de l'adoption Microsoft 365


Train employees in the tools.

Help employees to adopt new usages.

Support the change of work scenarios with Microsoft 365.

The challenges for your business

Acquiring Microsoft 365 licenses is not enough to reap all the benefits. It is also necessary that the tools are used and that all the employees of the company know how to take advantage of the new uses that these tools bring on a daily basis.

It is not easy, because employees must succeed in changing their work habits, which are often old, especially with emailing and the file server.

Successful adoption isn't just about showing usage statistics: having every employee clicks at least three times in Teams doesn't have to be a success KPI.  

Successfully adopting new tools means, above all, successfully integrating new usages within the company by modifying work scenarios and modifying habits. It also means seeing the change through greater responsiveness and changes in behavior (more collaborative, etc.).


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Microsoft 365 contributions

The adoption of new usages through Microsoft 365 tools makes it possible to reinvent collaboration and sharing scenarios within the company.

For this, the teams will be able to rely on all the tools of the solution.  :

  • Teams & Yammer for collaboration within the company and communication,

  • SharePoint for sharing documents and information (intranet, etc.),

  • OneDrive for managing individual working documents,

  • Planner, To Do for collective and individual efficiency (task management),

  • Stream for video sharing,

  • Forms for surveys and questionnaires,

  • Power Apps, Power Automate, for the digitalization of processes,

  • Power BI for data exploitation,

  • ...

The company can rely on these same tools to help their adoption:

  • Creation of a digital space with SharePoint to explain digital transformation, new uses, and support new postures,

  • Promotion of internal initiatives to highlight and inspire those who reinvent themselves,

  • Provision of tutorials and / or awareness videos with Stream,

  • Employee survey with Forms,

  • News publication with SharePoint,

  • Animation of exchange, mutual aid and sharing communities with Yammer or Teams,

  • ...

How can Abalon help you?

  • Understand what makes adoption successful: Think about the best metrics for adoption success in your business.

  • Define your adoption strategy: there is not one way to be successful. The best method will be the one that matches your context, your ambition, your corporate culture.

  • Building your adoption space: design your digital space in which your employees will find all the awareness and learning materials.

  • Create your support materials: design your awareness materials or learning materials (tutorials, videos, documents, etc.).

  • Train your employees : present, face-to-face or remotely, the uses of tools (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.), with scenarios.

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