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expertise abalon définition de gouvernance Microsoft 365


Define a reasoned governance of Microsoft 365 tools.

Implement governance by configuring the console.

The challenges for your business

Microsoft 365 governance is the rules of the game for using Microsoft 365 tools. It defines the range of possibilities, restrictions, rights and duties.  

This is, for example, authorizing or prohibiting the possibility of inviting external contributors to Teams teams. The topics to be discussed are numerous and have multiple impacts in terms of safety and uses that you must know to make an informed decision.

Some of these rules will be defined as settings in the Microsoft 365 console , others will be simple rules of good practice that will be integrated into a user charter or in educational materials. Example: rules for naming Teams teams.

Defining governance is important for every business. This makes it possible to create a clear framework of use, to avoid drifts and to master the tools.

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Microsoft 365 contributions

Defining governance is not just a technical question. It is above all a matter of defining rules of behavior and good practices within the framework of educational support.


The possibilities offered through the administration console make it possible to define the field of possibilities. 

Indeed, the most useful and frequent rules are proposed by Micrsoft.

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Explain what governance is: understand the full scope of Microsoft 365 governance, how to define it, what questions to ask and what decisions to make.  

  • Define your organization's Microsoft 365 governance: help to make informed decisions (impact on safety, on usages, on team efficiency), with recommendations. Write a summary document.

  • Implement governance: Configure the console. Publish this governance and best practices to employees through an adoption site . 

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