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Expertise Abalon UX UI pour projets Microsoft 365

UX / UI design

Imagine efficient and aesthetic ergonomics.

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The challenges for your business

In recent years, we have experienced a complete digital revolution. Our constantly increasing consumption of digital tools and services makes us increasingly demanding of the experience that they can offer, whether for personal or professional use.  

Today, companies engaged in a digital transformation process must provide their employees with tools designed with a UX (user experience) that adapt to their needs.


The ergonomics of IT tools are having an increasing impact on employee productivity. Indeed, the more time spent on the tool, the more it contributes to their efficiency and well-being at work.  

Everything is at stake here : studying the expectations and needs of employees so that their journey to complete a task is as intuitive, fluid and satisfying as possible. 

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Microsoft 365 contributions

Microsoft 365 makes it possible to develop internal digital interfaces designed around the user experience:  

  • SharePoint: well known for its document management function, it goes far beyond today, particularly in the production of  corporate intranets. It makes it easy to create ergonomic spaces thanks to the different web parts (media integration, document viewer, quick links, etc.).

    Like a website, it is now easy to create relevant user experiences for employees. In addition, the integration of the aesthetic vision is also taken into account with the provision of different graphic themes and the possibility of creating new ones in the colors of your company.  


  • Power Apps : in collaboration with our experts, the Power Apps tool allows you to create internal applications (desktop or mobile) with considerable time savings. The editing tools, completely compatible with the UX Design vision, allow the production of aesthetic and efficient applications. 

How can Abalon help you ?

  • Discover and understand the challenges of UX Design for your internal tools.  

  • Make your digital processes more efficient and aesthetic thanks to Microsoft 365 solutions and UX design  

  • Create applications and collaborative spaces (Intranets, digital spaces)

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