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The whole Abalon team wishes you
the best for this new year 2024

We will be at your disposal throughout this new year to help you harness Microsoft 365 potential through our expertises to help you take full advantage of the licenses you have acquired:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity with Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Teams, SharePoint, but also all the other lesser-known but equally essential tools such as To Do, Forms, Planner, Booking (click here to discover)

👉 Discover our exclusive skills development offering designed and built by Abalon 
     "The Essentials 365" (click here to discover)

  • Digitize your processes with Power Platform (low code): create business applications on PC, mobile or tablet, automate processing, exploit data (click here to discover)

  • Rethink your documentary strategy (EDM) and knowledge management to gain efficiency and control of your documentary heritage (click here to discover)

  • Reinvent internal communication with a new generation Intranet, Yammer, Teams, .... (click here to discover)

  • Secure access and data, master GDPR compliance with all the security and compliance  solutions offered by Microsoft 365 (click here to discover)

Click on the expertise you are looking for

Data visualization
Business process
Enterprise software
Deployment strategy
UX UI Design
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