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My UFF entreprise hub

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

We are a medium-sized Wealth Management Consulting company with nearly 1,000 employees and 25 agencies across France.

At the beginning of 2021, we wanted to overhaul the structuring and dissemination of knowledge and information within the company. A very broad benchmark placed Microsoft 365 at the top of the adequate solutions.

I had to convince our leaders who had bad memories of their previous experiences with SharePoint. I naturally turned to Abalon, with whom I had worked in the past, to help me with this.

We then commissioned Abalon to introduce us to the new face of SharePoint and all its features. In 5 days of work, after a few workshops to discover our company, our profession and our needs, a prototype larger than life was built, with associated collaboration and sharing scenarios.

We were able to quickly project ourselves into what our future daily life would be like: a single portal for access to information, based on a Hub that can be easily managed by the Business Lines. The promise of up-to-date information in real time! The support was general and we therefore embarked on the concrete realization of My UFF.

We started from the prototype and worked in agile mode with Abalon and the 15 Business Departments to co-construct the target over the workshops. We have integrated the classic spaces for information and general news found on any intranet. But most of the work focused on the business part of the Hub, in particular on the product offers.

Previously, the documentation was scattered, partly obsolete and the salespeople wasted a lot of time finding the information. Today everything is centralized, organized, up-to-date and easily accessible (we are talking about more than 5000 documents!).

The icing on the cake… Abalon added a “guided search” engine. From the home page, our employees type in the name of the product or offer sought, and the engine directly sends the link to the right page. They can also save the link to the page to easily return to it. We can not make shorter as navigation!

The time saved is beyond measure and our employees gain peace of mind because they know that they are necessarily using the right documents. Communication has also found in My UFF a powerful tool to modernize and energize internal communication.

My UFF created a wow effect and was enthusiastically received at all levels of the company. It is a great collective success, the culmination of the strong mobilization of the professions, and the immediate appropriation by the people responsible for updating the information, all this allowing users to easily adopt these new uses.

By Caroline d'HOTELANS, Transformation Program Manager

Consultants Abalon : Anne Beaudouin, Bruce Larre, Christophe Coupez

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