How Abalon is involved in a company digitalization with Office 365 platform ? 

In order to better understand the different stages of the digital transition within a company, Abalon offers to its clients a 5-phase customized plan



What are the challenges and gains of company digitalization? 

First of all, it is important to understand what a solution like Office 365 can do within a company. This approach raises awareness and  explains how to work differently to be more effective. 

  • explain real uses

  • share feedbacks based on experiences 

  • raise awareness among decision-makers about the issues

  • present Office 365, SharePoint by uses



What is the first step in the company digital transformation ? 

The functional and technical analysis of an organization is an essential step: it will allow to analyze the implementation possibilities and customize the proposed solutions. 

  • estimate the company's digital efficiency 

  • analyze governance rules

  • analyze Office 365 uses

  • audit SharePoint architectures

  • identify the needs and express them



What are the different design possibilities around the Office 365 software suite? 

Office 365 offers a wide range of tools and applications that will be customized and optimized to meet the needs of the company, both on technical and functional level.

  • create global digital solutions (intranet, social network, ...)

  • build digital office solutions based on Office 365

  • define technical architectures (on-premises, cloud, hybrid, ...)

  • draft specifications



What operations are achieved at the Microsoft Office 365 installation? 

Any implementation requires phases of installation, interventions such as technical assistance, on punctual or long-term to set up and finalize the implementation.


  • optimize functional configuration

  • set up electronic documents management

  • install and set up SharePoint plateform

  • model and implement Office 365 solutions



Why support is essential to improve the adoption of digital tools? 

The implementation of new  working  solutions  requires  specific  settings in line with the company's strategy. It  requires  special  support to users to optimize business processes and adapt them to  use these new tools.


  • advise on definition of the best governance

  • assist in defining support plans

  • train users to Microsoft collaborative tools

  • help the company to adopt Office 365, SharePoint

  • raise awareness of users regarding the use of a corporate social network